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Thematic Visual Supports wiki

Please note these files were created in Boardmaker so you must have the software to open the files. Also there is no need to be a member as the site is not private.

We are an 11 county region in central east Florida. Each year we hold a symposium where we have work groups who create resources for the teachers and therapists we support.

One of those work groups focused on creating visual supports.

The 2006 Symposium work group focused on thematic visual supports with an early elementary focus. Files were created in Boardmaker 5.0 with a few files created in Writing With Symbols.

Categories include:
Animals, Basic Concepts, Books 1, Books 2, Holidays 1, Holidays 2, Seasons, Miscellaneous

Folders contain files for BIG/LITTLEmack symbols, vocabulary sets, manipulatives, word wall words, snack and art activities

No need to become a member as anyone can have access to these files.
Marcia Sterner, MS/CCC-SLP, ATP - FDLRS Region 3 Technology Specialist

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